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  • Congratulations to Sama Ali (Year 7) on the winning entry for last week. The next theme is 'Lines' and will run over two weeks, which will include Half Term. Entries must be submitted on Firefly by Monday 1st June. #happysnapping

  • Make the most of the sunshine and get some socially distanced exercise in this week! Great sportspeople are always kind, right?

  • Congratulations to Francesca Ferrara (Year 8) on the winning entry for last week. This weeks theme is 'This is Me'. Entries must be submitted on Firefly by Monday 11th May. #happysnapping

  • Wow! Well done to Gabi, Holly and Simran for helping to fundraise for @FFL_Bedford. 26 repetitions of 26 different exercises in under 26 minutes! please support this crucial charity #twopointsixchallenge @STMBedford

  • Natural Phenomenon Turns San Diego's Waves Electric Blue .It is amazing how science explains nature and the works of God.Bioluminescent Waves Explained via @YouTube @STMBedford

  • Congratulations to Erin Warke (Year 11) and Juan Cipollone Perez (Year 10), both with very clever interpretations of the theme 'food'. This weeks theme is 'Change'. Entries must be submitted on Firefly by Monday 4th May. #happysnapping

  • BSMS Virtual Work Experience. Virtual work experience for students applying for Medicine

  • Another 140 produced today- straight to the NHS #togetherwecan

  • Congratulations to Gabriela Gainska (year 9) on last weeks winning entry. This weeks theme is 'Food'. Entries must be submitted on Firefly by Monday 27th April. #happysnapping

  • No decision has been made on a timetable for re-opening schools. Schools remain closed until further notice, except for children of critical workers and the most vulnerable children. Schools will only re-open when the scientific advice indicates it is the right time to do so.

  • We had over 50 entries in our competition last week. Congratulations to Wojciech Bronakowski on the winning entry. This weeks theme is 'Close Up'. Entries must be submitted on Firefly by Monday 20th April. #happysnapping

  • Calling all avid photographers, STM students are invited to enter our weekly photography competition. This weeks theme: 'Environment'- submit your entries on Firefly by 10 April 2020. #happysnapping

  • Here is Mrs Dosanjh keeping up with her boys on a bike when she takes a break for her wellbeing. She can never catch her youngest though ‍♀‍♂#SocialDistancing #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity #technologyhelps @STMBedford @Mrs_Dosanjh

  • Free Pupil Quizzes – The PE Classroom

  • Mr Hickey has been supporting Bedford Community Larder with delivery/collection of food-they are so grateful! A huge thank you to the @AldiUK stores of Bedford for donating 50 eggs a day to the larder in Greyfriars #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity @STMBedford @MissRam13

  • Mrs Swaisland is missing her granddaughters (6 and 4). She spends any spare time videoing her reading a book and sends it to them. This is one of their favourites #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity #technologyhelps @STMBedford

  • Hawa says hi to everyone. She has been helping her wellbeing by playing badminton in the garden with her brother. Great idea! ‍♂ #SocialDistancing #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity #technologyhelps @STMBedford

  • Mrs Soraghan has been racing her son up cemetery hill as part of her daily exercise. Guess who won? ‍♂#SocialDistancing #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity #technologyhelps @STMBedford @CaroleB05657494

  • Mr Bonner has had his hour of wellbeing walking his dog before coming into work this morning. Fresh air whilst social distancing. Great picture! #SocialDistancing #1hrofwellbeing #stmvirtual6thcommunity #technologyhelps @STMBedford