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As A Multi Academy Trust Bedford Catholic Schools has a board of Directors that are responsible for the strategic leadership of the school within a framework set by government legislation and the policies of the Diocese. Directors are commonly still referred to as governors.

The Board delegates areas of governance to sub committees and school level groups (ASIG). Heads, who are also Governors, are responsible for the organisation and management of the school.

Trust Members: Appoint and remove Directors. Receive reports on Finance and school strategy.

Foundation Directors: Accountable for school performance. Enter into Funding agreements with the EFA (Education Funding Agency). Aspects of Governance are delegated to local level Academy Support and Improvement Groups (ASIG). Foundation Directors hold each school ASIG accountable for their functions.

Local Governing Body (ASIG): Comprises of Foundation Directors, Executive Principal and Academy Governors (Head Teachers, staff and parent members). Key function is to support, challenge and hold the Head Teacher to account. The ASIG supports the work of the Directors. Reports into the Full Governing Body.

Head Teacher/Head of Teaching School: Responsible for the leadership of the school/Teaching School. Implements the strategy, as agreed by the Governors. Responsible for the day to day operations of the school/ Teaching School. Reports into the Local Governing Body (ASIG) and the Full Governing Body.